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sorry for the advo [28 Mar 2005|12:56pm]


Schwarz ONLY LJ community

See you there!
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*Waves* [28 Mar 2004|06:51pm]

[ mood | curious ]

It's so quiet here. ^^; But then I'm as much at fault for that than anyone. I've been going through a real Weiss Kreuz nostalgia thing lately though, and wondered if anyone was still interested in reviving a little rp? Just comment here if you're alive and willing. Hopefully a few of us are. Bye!

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[04 Mar 2004|06:03pm]

I'm leaving this RPG. I can't keep up with the things here. Sorry. Not that any of you will miss me. :p Bai bai. So Omi is up for grabs.

+ Forsaken Sakura * Lien +
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[01 Jan 2004|03:04am]

New Ken! Yay!
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Schu is back!! [12 Oct 2003|06:31pm]

As the title says...I finally have internet access in the hostel :)
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[OOC] [01 Oct 2003|08:10pm]

I am moving into the hostel at the university tomorrow and I don't know when the LAN there will function -- hopefully next week I'll be able to get online.
Hugs to all :)
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- Omi~kun Here - [19 Sep 2003|09:37pm]

Sorry about the delay and such. I should also mention that I probably won't be going on during schooldays unless (like hell that'll happen) I don't have a lot of homework. But otherwise, I would be able to update mostly Fridays and late Saturdays. e.e Gomen!

And I gotta fix up this journal. This I can tweak around the HTML/CSS. *big grin* Hehe. Off I go!

~ Bombay * Rio ~
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Pay no attention to the codename! [14 Sep 2003|08:59pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Tot lives! *^^* Wow, I work fast! Actually...I already had this journal. Now at least I have a use for it!

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OOC [02 Sep 2003|11:40am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hi everybody!
Schuldig has just been born :)

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Update [01 Sep 2003|12:57pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Ok, so now we have, Farf, Ran, Schuldig, and Omi.
We need at least two more players to make it work. Hopefully a Yohji and a Crawford.

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[31 Aug 2003|09:37pm]

[ mood | working ]

Journal made, setting it up as I type!

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OOC [31 Aug 2003|04:14pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Farfarello's journal is now up and running.

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RPG guide lines [29 Aug 2003|09:54pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Hello Everyone.
I'd just like to point out some rules/guidelines everyone should follow. I'm not saying you absolutely have to go by them. I just think the RP would run more smoothly. ^^

There's one rule that's mandatory though: Your chracter's journal needs to be seperate from your personal one. So there's no confusion.

Other things:
*All OOC posts should go in the community. They don't have to, just make sure to state that the post is OOC if it is.
* Keep everything in a PG-13/R range. No NC-17, since most players will more than likely be under seventeen.
* Try not to use other players characters too much. Such as making Yohji and Aya have a huge fight when your character is Aya. Make sure that Yohji's player concents to it.

Thank you.^^

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To Join [21 Aug 2003|02:43pm]

To join as a character simply E-mail ( melanthamoree@yahoo.com ) me with the topic 'Weiss RPG', or something of the sort, along with this:

FormCollapse )
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First Post [21 Aug 2003|02:42pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Welcome to Weiss Underworld, the LJ role playing game. Currently all major characters are open except for Farfarello, who's played by me.

I have three more days until I get a code from my other journal, so let's get enough characters in here that we can start then.^^
The time-line is set right after the first TV series, so all the schrient women are dead except for Tot.
Kritiker decides that all of its agents need journals to vent their stress. Then they find out that Schwarz already had them...

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